THE Big Clit List in Detail

Alphabetical Listings and Comments
by The Listkeeper, 01/26/2017

azianiiron.comLand of Venus - Female Bodybuilders with Big

Nadia Accuro:

Sighted in a video called "Rekord Kitzler." Her clit is indeed big.

Bridgette Aime:

Brown-skinned French speaker; speaks English with lovely accent. Lots of anal and DP. In early porn days had very small breasts, but enlargement later in career jobs. Decent clit size, prominent pink head, good scene in "Naked Buns 9 1/2," with a few frames of cunnilingus and good hood-pulling. Numerous scenes in numerous movies; she does a lot of manual stimulation. "Dyke Bar" (with Delta Force) has a rare semi-good shot of Brigitte Aime's jewel, but you need a good freeze frame to get full appreciation of it. Some manual stimulation during licking. There's a good "Wayne's World" parody (called "Zane's World") featuring cunnilingus closeups.

Alicia Alfaro:

Alicia Alfaro is a beautifully fit female bodybuilder from Argentina with a huge, fleshy, and photogenic clitoris. She is in numerous photos and videos at

Amy (

This heavy set, woman with a huge clitoris has appeared in a few short photo spreads on the internet, and she had the Amy's Big Clit web site that contained excellent high res closeups. Some images are truly breathtaking.

Candy Andes:

Candy Andes is a cute and buxom brown haired beauty in "Big Tit Betrayal" and "Emergency Ward DD." Big clit bordering on huge.

Buck Angel:

Buck Angel arrived on the porn scene shortly after Chance Ryder. He is a hardcore FTM who has been on testosterone for a long time and has the clit to show for it. Buck plays up the masculinity to the point of having a lot of facial hair and a muscular build, with much body art. Huge, really huge clit. Many videos, starting from 2004 and afterwards. See good scenes in "Buck's Beaver" and other videos.

April / April Fitness (Theresa Annecharico):

Female bodybuilder with huge clit in the "Bodybuilders In Heat" series, "Extreme Erotica," "Buff And Beautiful," and "Clean, Jerk, and Swallow." The latter two movies feature excellent closeups of her bulbous pink member being sucked and stroked! There is good video footage of April Fitness at Bodybuilders In Heat.


Atjena is the muscular blond with thick, bulbous clit in the second and third "Bodybuilders in Heat " movies in scenes separate from Kitana Steele's. Plenty of excellent full screen closeups. Scenes also found in the early "Big Clits Big Lips" series. There is good video footage of Athena at Bodybuilders In Heat.


Large clit seen in "Cherries 2" (Xplor, 1999). She's blonde, muscular, with a deep voice. She's in a three-way and does a face-sit facing the camera.

Michelle Baker:

Michelle Baker is a female bodybuilder with a huge clitoris under a thick hood. She is in photo sets at The Land of Venus.

Nicole Bass:

Nicole Bass is a female bodybuilder and frequent guest of Howard Stern. Nicole is said to have a huge clit, but good photographic evidence is hard to find. She is shy about her clitoris.

From: "pip" Subject: Re: Nicole Bass HUGE manhood and the porno star with Howard Stern thrown in Date: 1999/04/15 Paraphrasing the most notable personality to discuss and show her enlarged clitoris (due to steroids) is "Vanessa Del Rio" a porno star. Vanessa (star in the 70s) after a long break from doing porno movies - came back in the mid 80s and the 80s "clit" had grown about an inch. Vanessa fully admitted that her new body and clit length was due to steroids (her husband owned a workout gym). Nicole Bass during the Howard Stern show (E channel) agreed to let Robin Quivers (Howard's co-host) view her private parts in a bathroom to prove womanhood. Afterwards - Robin looking somewhat puzzled described that there was something down there that looked a little long (most probably an enlarged clit) but concluded she did not have a penis.

Kim Birtch:

Kim Birtch is a female bodybuilder with a huge clitoris under a tight hood. Her clit can get fantastically erect under the right conditions. Perhaps she's turned on by cameras - and millions of followers admiring her jewel on the internet.

Andrulla Blanchette:

Andrulla Blanchette is a female bodybuilder with a huge clit.

Fantasy Boo / Cybersinsation:

Black BBW with a huge, bulbous clit. Some photos and videos on her web site

Yvette Bova:

Yvette Bova is a female bodybuilder with a bright pink glans usually hidden under a heavy pierced hood. Clear closeups on her website.

Lesllie Bovee:

Pearly clit revealed in "Games Women Play."

Sheila Brown:

Sheila Brown is a tall, athletic, dark skinned Brazillian with a big, fat, pink headed clitoris."

Cajun Delight:

Obese Black woman with truly huge clitoris in "Life In The Fat Lane 5" (1998). It is her only known movie, featuring missionary sex with hood retraction. She's about 250 lbs, dark skinned, with ring on right nostril and mole by right cheekbone.

Christy Canyon:

Large clit, but not spectacular. One good scene in "WPINK-TV."

Kasie Cavanaugh

Kasie Cavanaugh is a female bodybuilder with a huge clit.

Ashlee Chambers:

Ashlee Chambers is a blond bombshell female bodybuilder with a long, throbbing, huge clit with a sexy pink glans. She shows it off in plenty of videos on the internet! Her best videos are the high resolution skits on Aziani Iron and Dirty Muscle.

Here are some Ashlee Chambers videos with good cleseups of her clitoris:

Here are some Ashlee Chambers image galleries with good cleseups of her clitoris:

Kathy Connors:

Kathy Connors is a mature femake bodybuilder with a really huge clit. Nicknamed "wildkat" she does great scenes at Dirty Muscle and Female Muscle Pornstars.


Slim Black woman with fairly large clit similar to Midori's.

Danielle Cheek (also Danielle):

In "Cheek to Cheek 2," humorously said have a big clit rank of about 75% on the Cortknee scale.

Tierany Chretien:

Tierany Chretien is a very sexy French Canadian female bodybuilder who has a long, pink tipped clitoris. She did a photo shoot under the pseudonym "Tatiyana" with excellent closeups in the late 1990s, then seemed to disappear for a while. She came back to erotic performing around 2011.


A 30ish, very cute woman with a longer than average, thick, prominently headed clit. No video; she only does private dances. August 1996 "Black Tail" magazine.


Petite blonde with awkward boob job that has small boobs jutting to right and left; debut in 1996; has huge clit. Very good scenes in most post-amateur videos. "My Ass 3" has excellent closeups. Also decent scenes in "The Girl Just Can't Help It."

Lisa Cross:

Lisa Cross is a female bodybuilder with a huge clitoris.

Crown Princess Sophia:

Big-boned black girl, tattoo around one ankle, moderate breasts and moderately big clit. Glans protrudes from under a nice tight hood.

Angel Cruz / Liza Cruz:

Moderately large clitoris with a bulbous and pink glans, with thick hood.

Carmella Cureton:

Carmella Cureton is a black female bodybuilder with a huge clitoris featuring a pink, bulbous glans. Has some nice work with Jennifer Kennedy and Kim Buck at Dirty Muscle and Female Muscle Pornstars.

Dallas / Dallas St. Claire/Dallas D'Amour:

Slightly larger than average. Pierced labia.


She is an older woman with a slim body and deep voice. Fat (but short) cleft, bright, pearly clit that'll make your mouth water. Excellent closeup in "Deb's Real Deal" (or "The Real Deal"). INCREDIBLE in "Watch Debette Do It" (J.E.G. Productions). Name of flick might be "Watch Debette Do It and Outtakes," or something like that, with " and Outtakes" in very small print. In "Fabulous 50s Girls" and "Golden Oldies 2." "Homegrown Video 411" has dildo-vibrator-finger masturbation scene with a couple of good shots of her hard clit.

Debra D'Andrea:

Mature sex goddess / female bodybuilder with a huge clitoris. There are plenty of clips on her website, At least one "clit worship" video contains fantastic closeups of Debra riding a cock for the camera. Some recent photos and video is on Dirty Muscle.


A sexy hard muscled MILF at Aziani Iron. She has a cute smile, big breasts, and a plump, pink, fat headed clitoris. The photography is high resolution and she does very steamy solo scenes with tight closeups.

Here are some DD videos with good cleseups of her clitoris:

Here are some DD image galleries with good cleseups of her clitoris:

Amber Deluca:

Female bodybuilder with a huge clit. She is a young, cute brunette with a very tight, muscular build. Her clit is thick and has a fat, pink glans. Her best videos are the high resolution skits on Aziani Iron and Dirty Muscle.

Here are some Amber Deluca videos with good cleseups of her clitoris:

Here are some Amber Deluca image galleries with good cleseups of her clitoris:

Gina De Palma:

Gina De Palma is a mature, soft-bodied, sexy latina with a huge clit. It is pink, bulbous, and loosely hooded. There are some fantastic scenes on the internet porn tube sites. Watch or download good scenes of Gina De Palma at Big Clits Big Lips.

Melissa Dettwiller:

Melissa Dettwiller is a blond haired, very cute female powerlifter with an enormous clitoris. She has been in the muscle erotica business since the late 1990s, and is quite prominent on the internet. Most of her images and video are in association with Muscle Elegance Magazine and Denise Masino. Denise's sites have plenty of muscle flexing, solo, and lesbian action with Melissa Dettwiller.

Vanessa Del Rio:

Vanessa Del Rio is the queen of sexy clit!s! Sexy dynamite in late 1980s videos, when her clit was freshly enlarged (body building in 1986). Web site: Sells all sorts of stuff to her fans, whom she calls pigs or piglets, but she isn't doing custom Polariods right now because it takes too much time, she says (as of August 1998). Web site has magazines for sale (from the last couple of years) and videos. Most of the videos are from before the mid- to late 1980s, when Vanessa Del Rio reemerged from time away from porn. "Dr. Lust" has some nice close glimpses during a masturbation scene and a pairing with Jerry Butler. "Beyond Desire" has really good shots of Vanessa Del Rio's clit. Also see "Deep Inside Vanessa Del Rio" and "Devil In Miss Jones 3."

In her autobiography, she mentions THE Big Clit List! I don't know if her view of this list is favorable or not, but hopefully she has enjoyed some action from it!! The listkeeper has certainly enjoyed her work since the early 1980s!!

Melissa Detwiller:

Melissa Detwiller is a hard bodied young blond. She has a web site and can be found in erotic female bodybuilder picture galleries. She has a huge pink clit that sometimes bulges under a tight hood. Recent video and photo galleries of Melissa Detwiller are at

Teri Diver:

Sha has good closeups in "Just For Tonight". Thicker than average.

Chyna Doll:

Slim blonde-haired black woman in her 20s with pearly-headed clit, though it is only slightly larger than average. Two scenes in "Hooters in the Hood."

Christy Donat

Christy Donat is a petite but muscular female bodybuilder with a large clit. Working under the pseudonyms "Paloma" and "Miss Hot Butt," she can be found on Dirty Muscle and Bodybuilders In Heat.


Supposedly a squirter with a big clit. She used to do custom videos for "Patches' Place." Lots of watersports.

Morgan Fairlane:

Large clit, though not huge. She's very good at displaying it. Always lots of manual stimulation in her movies (she seems to really dig the sex), but that sometimes gets annoying because you want her to stop playing with the hood and clit and just show the damn thing off, even if it's just for a second. Nice cleft glans. Monet class. Does lots of anal. First movie, I think, is Seymore Butts' "American Tushy." Shame on Seymore, though, because Morgan only appears for a few minutes at the end of the tape and is used as a sampling of what's to come in the next Seymore flick. That's right; that Seymore bastard doesn't show the scene until the next movie. (Can't recall the name of it.) Anyway, Morgan takes on Ron Jeremy and Hakan, with sloppy anal and a double penetration. Two good scenes in "Dr. Peter Proctor's House of Anal Delights."In "Lustfull Roomates" (with variations on spellings of "Lustful" and "Roommates" on the box and in the film). In "My Favorite Whore" she wears a full-body fishnet outfit; very hot; anal. A review by says "Shane's World 10" is good. No; not true. Morgan shows no clittage in "SW 10," which is a 1997 movie from Odyssey Group Video. Morgan is also in "Shane's World 7" and "Weekendat Farrah's." She's in "Royal Fk," which also stars Melissa Monet. "Pussy Poppers 2" is a solo video with lots of girls, by Las Vegas Video Entertainment. Morgan's scene is OK but nothing special.

Carla Ferrari:

Mentioned in November 1995 Nugget article on hypertrophied clits. Clit is now large (Alicia Monet class). Only good movie known at this time is "Heartbreaker" (1991).

Lolo Ferrari:

Big breasted woman, 40ish, clit size larger than average.

Alexis Firestone:

Above average size, distinct glans.

Delta Force / Teri Paradise (Brandy Bosworth):

Big breasted lady masturbating in a flick containing Nina Hartley, Bridgette Aime, and Sean Michaels from 1991. Long curly bleached hair, lots of freckles, and some "age spots". She appears to be in her 40s and resembles a Lotta Topp a bit. Clit size is "large", with loose hood. Very good scenes in "Bazooka County III." One-time bodybuilder. In a movie called something like "Beauty v. the Body Builder," which looks like a big-tit wrestling type. It's from Napoli Video and might be NPV 125. "Malibu Spice," "Dyke Bar" (with Brigitte Aime). "DB" has a few seconds of nice licking. Delta's clit isn't swollen, but you get a couple of good looks at it. Also a rare semi-good shot of Brigitte Aime's jewel, but you need a good freeze frame to get full appreciation of it. Napoli Video made "Dripping Wet," which is NPDWV. Look for "Bazooka County 3 "and "Three's A Crowd" with Brigitte Aime. She did a stint as a big tits-hard body star of the early 1990s. Pretty thick clit with just a bit of pale glans peeking out. Like a little Lotta Topp; has freckles on her hands and a meaty pussy. Somewhere there is a great scene of her stroking her clit and pulling the hood waaaay back for a full-length licking by Sean Michaels. She's incorrectly listed as Susan Chase in "Toys Not Boys 3" at (also has Nikki King and Angel Cruz). "L.S. Cult Classics Volume 2" (with Kassi Nova) is okay.

Samantha Fox:

Samantha Fox, the dark haired porb starlet of the 1970s and 1980s has a clit arger than the average, with a pearly glans, and lots of hood over it.

Cori Gates:

Cori Gates is a hard bodied, dirty blond haired woman, with a clit like Bridgette Aime's. Big and often turgidly erect. There is good video footage of Cori Gates at Bodybuilders In Heat.

Esperanza Gomez:

Cute, athletically built woman born in Columbia, in many videos from 2009 to 2011. Clitoris size is "big" and she has good camera work in some of her scenes.


Large breasted 30 something blond with a large clit that prtorudes slightly from under a tight hood. Shows up sporadically in video porn from the 1990s.

Ana Cristina Glaser:

Ana Cristina Glaser is a massive female bodybuilder with a huge, pink, mushroom headed clitoris. One video, titled "Ana Glaser Ifbb Plays With Big Clit" was posted to the internet in January 2017 and quicky deleted after copyright infringement complaints by Awefilms. Visit them to see her in some good masturbation, posing, and other erotic videos.


Goddess is a tall Black BBW with a 3 inch clit. Excellent closeups in two movies filmed in 2008. They were essentially two takes on the same theme. A pizza delivery guy shows up and instigates a lesbian fuck session with two sexy BBWs. Goddess gets quite a nice clit sucking:

Ginger Graham:

Redhead in her 40s. Tall amazon with heavy hood over larger than usual clit. Was in "Horny Old Broads" and being serviced by Umma.

Tera Guzman

Tera Guzman is a female bodybuilder with a large clitoris. She is muscular, but not very vascular, with a cute smile and camera appeal.


Huge clit best seen in the videos "Booty Climax" and "Black and Wild 2."

Megan Hoffman:

Thick clitoris, similar to Alicia Monet.


Black / Fillipino with huge clit. You can find her at two sites: They have two Heidi videos and also show clips and thumbnails. Unfortunately, this site is no longer free. You must be a member to view the clips plus thumbnails now There are two videos put out by Brown Sugar Productions. One is "Heidi" plus the other is "Anna Amore and Heidi" both very good but I recommend the one with Anna Amore because Heidi gets her huge, mega clit well sucked by Anna Amore.

Iris (Gulfcoast Erotica)

Iris is in a video from Gulfcoast Erotica and has a large clitoris..

Marika Johansson

Marika Johansson is a female bodybuilder with a huge clit.

Cindy Jones:

Cindy Jones is muscular, with a large clit said to get solo attention in "Just Your Average Housewife", (MU-114,Muscle-Up Productions). At one point in the video,she says, "have you ever seen anything like's one in a million." She could be right. Has done another tape with a lez scene included. Tapes available from Famous Sports Video on 39th st in NYC. Video is by Cine Research Lab, available thru Cindy, the "older gal" is Cindy Jones, a Georgia-based bodybuilder now wrestler/star of wrestling and sex videos. She was in a couple of publications back in 1992 or 1993 after finishing well in a regional contest. She was 37 then, and I figure the videos from which the postings were taken were done late 1994-early 1995, so she's about 39 or 40 in them (mind-boggling, eh?). She has two kids and was married, although with some of the videos she has done in the past couple of years, I wonder if she still is. She's 5-7 or 5-8 and weighed from 175-180 for these videos. In an article I read on her, she said her legs were always her most attractive suit, even well before bodybuilding. She used to wear hot pants to show them off back in the 1970s and because she loves drawing attention to her body. Obviously. Famous Sports Video, 32W. 39th St., New York NY 10018, 212-398-6690, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day; business card boasts female catfights, wrestling and boxing, international videos and magazines and unique erotic adult entertainment. Swankyville has tons of Cindy videos. Look for "Sex on the Bench" from Cine Research Lab. Also, and NBAF Video Club (info in SuperKlitty section). For Cine Research Labs rentals, "Female Muscle Lust" and "Muscle Masseuse."

SuperKlitty (Suzan Kaminga):

Suzan Kaminga is a female bodybuilder with a huge clitoris. She is the first professional female bodybuilder to do a full-on XXX rated video sex scene (1996), beating Channel69's "Body Builders In Heat" by a year. There's an amateur video called "Becky Meets SuperKlitty" featuring a scene with a woman with a clit larger than Vanessa Del Rio or Lotta Topp! It is huge, with much loose labia and a bulbous head. Grainy photography. Becky's literature on the video says, "Ever since I saw this huge knob bulging from her panties, when we were changing one day I wanted to touch (and Lick!) it! I sucked on her huge clitty until it was so swollen and hard!! It was sticking out past her soaking pussy lips at least three inches! It felt like I was sucking on a small cock, and it made me want to have her fuck me!"

From : An interesting footnote on superklitty; when the film came out there was a suspiscion that she might be a fairly well known bodybuilder by the name of Susan Kaminga. As it turns out there is a store on 39th st in NY which deals in female muscle videos. They have a series called "Tom Jacksons" private choice or some such thing; these seem to be topless videos and women in revealing situations, although I haven't actually seen one of them. A new one in this line is of Becky Sunshine; then next number is a woman called Susan who looks like Superklitty without the mask and without the mask who looks like Susan Kaminga. My inference is that this is Superklitty. Moreover, the box makes reference to her having gained 20 lbs of muscle since her last video with this guy, my inference from this is that she is indeed a steroid queen. Everyone believes it is Susan Kaminga! (apparently spelled with two "n"s, and there were images on Amazon's Arena BBS) Yes, at least one touring nameless bodybuilder who has seen the "SuperKlitty" tape says that big-clitted star of the picture is Sue Kaminga. Unfortunately, Kaminga seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, taking the jewel between her legs with her. Nice picture of her on the cover of the June 1997 Women's Physique World, which spells her name Susan Kaminga. Mag features a four-photo layout of Kaminga from the 1996 IFBB North American Championships with the headline, "Susan Kaminga Turns Pro!" Super shot of her in a red bikini (the only color photo of the four). Says the mag, on page 61, "Enter the electrically-charged Susan Kaminga. Using a blistering posing routine which has become her trademark and a even more riveting stage presence, she outpointed a doggedly determined Dayana Cadeau to win the heavyweight class. She then followed up with a agonizingly close victory over the ultra-aesthetic lines of Rita Dytuco to clinch her pro card. Will the IFBB ever be the same?" Another thing: Becky Sunshine once said that she would do another "SuperKlitty" tape. Check newsgroup for regular postings of her clit.

Jennifer Kennedy:

Jennifer Kennedy is a female bodybuilder / powerlifter with one of the biggest clits ever filmed. Excellent masturbation scenes on her website.

Kim / Melissa:

Female bodybuilder, once known as "Huge Clit Kim" of Macjam fame has an email at She once lived in Berkeley, CA and offered to do custom videos for $250 bucks a session. Tom says he sold some of Kim's early footage to Astral Ocean Cinema. He says, though, that Astral doesn't have any footage that he doesn't have. Three videos have become popular on the many "tube porn" sites. The first features closeups and some, masturbation. The second, "Cargasm," has a clit stroking scene in an automobile. The third is a widely circulated "double vibrator." Lots of better footage remains uncirculated.

Alexus King:

Huge breasted, but slim wman with a large, tightly hooded pink clit.

Nikki King:

Huge breasted BBW with a large clit and pink glans begging to be sucked. Nikki King was born in 1963 is of Middle Eastern heritage. Nikki King started doing porn around 1981 in big breast magazines. In 1987 Nikki King appeared in "Big Top Cabaret," "Big Busty," ""Arabian Treasure Chest," and other similar movies. By 1989 Nikki King was out of the business.

Kristarrah Knight:

Lots of labia. Big clit, too? No. Mentioned more than once in e-mail discussions, but she's NOT big clitted.

Very Knotty:

Said to be large, but the truth is her clit is not big or huge..

Lady A / Lady Antoinette:

Big breasted, heavyset black woman aged 40ish, with a fat, pink, stubby clit under a moderate hood. Retracts hood for closeup shot in "Hooters in the Hood."

Catalina L'Amour:

Not a big clit but a pair of the biggest lips you'll ever see. Very attractive blonde with nice-size hooters. Not one of those artificial California blondes like mainstream porn stars. Sells her own tapes and photos, lots of fetish stuff, especially with feet.

Krista Lane:

Moderately large clit, tightly hooded.

Kitty Lauren:

Big woman with a big clit in the "More To Love" series.

Joanie Laurer (Chyna):

Joanie Laurer is a female wrestler and bodybuilder who posed for Playboy magazine's November 2000 issue. She is in three erotic videos of note:

Laura Lazarre:

Starred in numerous movies in the early to mid 80s. Seems not to have been appreciated highly. Should have been. In "Suzie Superstar."

Melinda Lee:

Melinda Lee has a fantastic phat clitoris!! In "Loose Caboose" she has some good closeups. Heavy hood, light pink, bulbous glans. Changes during arousal quite noticeable. Even better closeups in "The Prince Of Beverly Hills Comes Again". Highly engorged during closeups of licking (second of two scenes). Her clit gets really fat when she's aroused.

Mishka Lee:

Mishka Lee appeared in the April 2009 issue of "40 Something" magazine, showing off a nice big pearly headed clit. She has appeared in a couple of videos and has a fair number of fans who post pictures and video clips. She is pretty loyal to the Score group, with the best content still on their website. She is in a hot scene in the Cum Filled Cougars DVD. Want to see Mishka Lee's clit? Look in this Mishka Lee Big Clit picture gallery.


Good scene in "Step To The Rear". Rather flat, dark, but large in this particular film. Prominent "cleft glans."


Lindamight has a very big clit. She said she had posed over the summer 1998 for "Over 40" magazine. Linda is the same woman as She has posed in Hustler and has a popular> website. Pictures of her clit turn up all over the internet as examples of how large a clitoris can be.


In "Bus Stop Tales 1" with Ed Powers (Privert Video). Asian / submissive type with a big clit. Filmed around 1989.


Young white-skinned Hispanic, 20ish, with long wavy thick hair, lower lip/tongue/navel piercings, cleft chin, like a less fine Bonita; not very conversational; slightly rolypoly, coarse skin, small breasts with puffy conic areolae, shaved with small supravulval patch, chunky upper inner lips, big clit. In "More Dirty Debutantes 44" (4-play Video, 1995). She's on box cover. Ed Powers does the right thing for a couple of seconds, using his left hand to expose the clit for a fairly decent closeup from an awkward over-the-top camera angle.

Kandy Lixx:

Kandy Lixx is a stocky Black woman with a big clit seen on tube sites starting in late 2012. She does a hot threesome with a guy and another woman, with some brief closeups of her clit being sucked and licked. Duringthe penetration sequence, her clit is quite erect and throbbing.

Kay London:

"Asses Galore 6: Fallen Angels." It says Kay London could have a "large clit." Big hood that obviously hides a glorious clit, but no good shots of it in the movie. She's reportedly in scene two (with T.T. Boy) of the flick. Unfortunately, no signs of clittage in other flicks.


Beautiful young Brazilllian with a HUGE clitoris. Her scenes in "Sexo Duplo 3" are absolutely heart stopping! Her clit is licked, stroked, and pinched every which way. Numerous closeups.

Marina Lopez:

Marina Lopez is a sexy, very nicely proportioned female bodybuilder. Her clit is quite large, and covered in a tight hood. Aziani Iron has some very good high resolution images and video of Marina Lopez posing and flexing in the nude, but she appears somewhat shy about her clit. The Land of Venus also carries recent photo galleries of Marina Lopez. She has a noticeable bulge, and a few images actually reveal the glans of a throbbing erect clit peeking out from under the hood. Judging from the outline, the clit is certainly a big one, with a sexy pink head. If and when she elects to stroke and jack her clit on camera, the results will be stunning, explosive, and wildly arousing for clit lovers.

Kitty Loren:

In "More To Love" (Loretta Sterling film), displays long, fat, bulbously headed pink clit in full screen closeups; good pinching action. Quite a large one! Kitty is a sexy plumper with a face that reminds one of Melinda Lee.

Cindy Love / Theresa Tease:

Large hanging breasts, big-boned, and thick clitted Black woman. Light purplish tint, flat cleft glans. Name change mid 1996 to Teresa Tease (and weight loss).

Brandi Mae:

Brandi Mae is a cute brunette female bodybuilder with a big clitoris. Her best videos are the high resolution skits on Aziani Iron and Dirty Muscle.

Here are some Brandi Mae videos with good cleseups of her clitoris:

Here are some Brandi Mae image galleries with good cleseups of her clitoris:


The first Mahogany did mainstream porn in the 1990s. Young, slim Black woman with a bulbous pink headed clit. Quite large, but not like Topp or Vanessa Del Rio. She's in "Video Virgins 25," featured well in a movie done by Joey Silvera called "Fashion Sluts 5" (great scenes of her massaging that big clit and then Mark Wallace cums in buckets all over her). Nice shot of the clit while she's spread-eagle on a couch and the cameraman shoots from the floor in front of her. She is also in "My Baby Got Back" series numbers 8, 9 and 10, but her clit is not displayed well.

Maryse Manios

Maryse Manios is a sexy mature female bodybuilder with a moderately large, but not huge, clitoris. She has her own website and shows up in a lot of internet video clips.

The second Mahogany is noted for internet porn in 2010 and 2013. Petite Black woman with a tuly huge, bulbous clitoris, in lots of high resolution closeups on She has perhaps the biggest glans clitoris yet seen in porn. Hopefully she will do more videos in 2013 and raise the bar higher in the big clitoris genre.

Christine Marshall

Christine Marshall has a large clit and moderately large labia. She is a mature and very muscular female bodybuilder who was most actively making videos in the early 2000s. Most of her work involves wrestling and female domination. She appears in several videos on Debra D'andrea's website and Clips4Sale pages. The clitoris views are very short and incidental within the oral sex scenes she did with Debra. She appeared to be a bit shy about it, moving her hands and legs to block the view most of the time. Debra D'andrea does some hot clit licking on Christine, but makes sure to keep her hair and face close in and obscuring the view - except for a few good glimpses of Christine's pink and engorged glans clitoris. Christine also did paid sessions for muscle worship and light wrestling, but the customers who wrote about it on the internet don't say much about her clit.

Mary Lou:

Amateur with a huge clit There was a good article on amateur tapes in the New York Times. March 22, 1991, Sec A; Page 14; Col 2 "Starring in Tonight's Erotic Video: The Couple Down the Street". Even includes her picture. Says that Mary Lou was a then 37-year-old criminal lawyer in northern Kentucky. She had two small children, and her husband was an obstetrician-gynecologist. She made her first tape with two carpenters who were at her home to repair her porch. She recalled her videos after people found out who she was and what she was doing.

From the Boston Herald : In one famous case, a Nashville, Tenn., corporate lawyer who moonlighted in erotica under the name Mary Lou was featured in a national magazine, where her photograph was recognized by some colleagues. The lawyer had the foresight to copyright her work and buy the distribution rights, and she immediately recalled the tapes. However, some bootleg versions continue to circulate.

Videos were under A'Mature label, from Nashville, and she did some bondage flicks. Mary Lou's videos are: "Missy, Mary Lou and 9" (what?), "Orgy 1 at Topside 2" or "Orgy 1 at Topside II," "Snatching Sasha," "Bi Ourselves in Las Vegas," "Roommate Rubdown" and "Say Cum." The carpenter video is "Mary Lou the Stud Finder."

Denise Masino:

Denise Masino is a female bodybuilder with a huge clit. She runs her own network of websites centered on Denise Masino appears in a considerable number of usenet binary postings and has a big presence on many erotic female muscle websites. Her clit bulge is large enough to see through khaki pants!

Jody Maxwell:

Large clitoris, with moderately tight hood. Similar to Bridgette Aime. The movie "Satisfiers of Alpha Blue" one of the best of the Golden Age of Porn. She has a great clit shot in the movie "SOS."


Mayara is a young, very hard bodied Brazillian female bodybuilder with a large clitoris. There are some photographs of Mayara's clit at which show it nicely erect, with a sexy pink glans.

Gayle Michelle:

Large, with light pink glans / dark labia. Nice licking in "Loopholes". Did some amateur work for Total Productions and is injust a few pro videos.


Large clit. Not huge. Long shaft with heavy hood, pearly glans.

Mila (also: Lisa Latour / Mila / Mila Shegol):

In "dirty deeds" said to have a big clit. Big, but not spectacular. Known more for her depravity and anal talents.

Miss Good Pussy:

Exotic dancer with a three-inch clit!! Larger than Lotta Topp. May be in January1994 Nugget magazine (cover advertises black woman with "monster clit"). Extra supplement in November 1994. Also mentioned in November 1995 Nugget in article on big clitted women. No known video appearances.

Mimi Miyagi:

Mimi Miyagi shows off her big clit in movies from 1995 onward. She's been bodybuilding, and has had clitoral enlargement due to steroids. Is very engorged in "Butthead's Dream Xposed". Deep pink glans clitoris. Found a pictorial indicating its gotten large. "Big" category. Look for "Butthead's Dream Xposed", "Secret Diary #2", and "Bangkok Bangers" for good scenes.

Mo Azz:

Heavy black fuck machine active in 2005 and 2006; huge clit visible in "Big Clits Big Lips 12"

Keena Moleena:

Muscular MILF with a huge pink headed clitoris and tight hood. Many videos of good quality at Muscle Pinups. There are also some low quality videos of intensely hot masturbation and M/F sex believed to have originated in webcam shows.

Alicia Monet:

Large, with much loose hood; bright pink in color. Alicia Monet is recognizable because of the red hourglass tattooed on her belly below the navel. Best scenes are in "Debbie For President" and "Twentysomething". There's also one in which she does a clitoral penetration of another woman. Nasal voice. No anal, and not many facials, either. Fleshy labia with nice long hood. Superattractive clit, but she hardly ever showed it in her movies. If you find a good shot of it, cherish it, and show it to all your clit-loving friends.

Melissa Monet:

Young, dark brown hair, a little petite, with short, thick clit with bulbous head. Very good scene in "Dance Naked". Note also: "Anal Nitrate," "Dangerous Curves," "Dirty Laundry," "Night Shift." She's been in a few new films. "Fluff Dreams" (1995) has Jill Kelly and Steven St Croix. Jill licks Melissa until it gets HARD. Good vibe action in "Pussyman 8: the Squirt Queens."

Keyanna Moore / Klytoria:

Black woman with 6 cm clitoris, with plenty of high resolution closeups first seen on The website recently closed, but siterips with all of the pictures and video can be found. She has resurfaced on as "Klytoria." As of early 2013 she is doing very nice high resolution videos there, but just average image galleries. The main area needing improvement is in the camera work: not enough light and poor focus. Come on now, Xtremeclit, get some bright lights, a good lense, and back off a bit from that tasty smatch! The work could be top notch with just a bit more care in production.

Wanda Moore:

Wanda Moore is a mature female bodybuilder with a huge clitoris. Her glans is particularly large and bulbous. Perfect for clit sucking scenes. There is good video footage of Wanda Moore at Bodybuilders In Heat.

Mz Muffin

Mz Muffin is a sexy ebony BBW with a big clit. She has many masturbation videos on One of her best scenes is tribbing session with Klytoria (Keyanna Moore). The closeups are sharp, with good lighting, and plenty of clit grinding action. She also is in scenes using a clit pump, fleshlight, and good old fashioned fingers and dildo. Her clit gets quire engorged, and the fleshy glans is prominent in her scenes.

Miss Musclextreme

Miss Musclextreme is a female bodybuilder / powerlifter with a huge 6 cm clitoris. Lots of short scenes on her website. There is very good video footage of Jennifer Kennedy doing oral on Miss Musclextreme, and her clit is seen in full glory: erect, pink, wet, and throbbing from Jennifer's expert sucking action.


French Canadian. In "Club Fantasex 2" (in USA). She has pretty nice big clit with heavy hood. While the clit is hard and swollen the thought of pulling the skin back never occurred to the director.

Nancy Nymph:

Brunette (sometimes blond) with thick mat of pubic hair, and a long, thicker than average clit. Bright pink/purple glans. Sexy voice, talked dirty in "Bad Influence" (1997).Resembles a cross between Brigette Aime, Ona Zee, and Marilyn Chambers.


Nadia is a mature and very muscular woman with a very thick, dark pink clit. Her sexy clit also has a nicely prominent glans and a tight hood. She's a top notch powerlifter with dark brown skin and very little fat. She has the small breasts common among athletes, with perky nipples and no silicone implants. Visit Dirtymuscle to see her videos, which have plenty of clit work and muscle posing.

Karla Nelson:

Karla Nelson is a female bodybuilder who does softcore female muscle videos. Clit size unknown but suspected large since a clit bulge is visible in some scenes.


A BBW who posed for BUF magazine's July 1999 issue. Thick, bulbous clit - truly huge. Not very tall, 300 lbs, dark skinned Black woman.

Isis Nile:

Great! Resembles early Vanessa Del Rio; bright pink glans. Thick and long." Reckless" has a good closeup. In "Hispanic Hooter Ho-Down" (1994 Las Vegas Video Entertainment), Isis shows nothing, but in the movie's first scene, a chick (either Diva or Heather Lee) with Tony Martino shows some nice shots of a bigger-than-average clit during licking/finering.

Nikki North / Nikki Dione

Slim and trim brown haired woman in her 40s with a hulking pink glans clitoris and loose hood. She's in "Jail Babes 7," "Dirty Kinky Mature Women 29," and the "Big Clits Big Lips" series.

Cassie Nova/ Jasmine:

Thicker than average, best scenes involve manipulation by hand. See "Bad Mama Jama and the Fat Ladies of the Evening" for a good scene.

Alexis Parks:

In the video "Fatal Erection," which also has Alicia Monet in it.

Francesca Petitjean:

Francesca Petitjean is the fresh face in "Bodybuilders In Heat 4" who displays a huge, bulbously headed clitoris. She appears in numerous other videos of that series as well as the "Big Clits Big Lips" videos. There is good video footage of Francesca Petitjean at Bodybuilders In Heat.

Penny Porsche

Penny Porsche is a buxom blonde with a huge clit. Excellent masturbation scene in "Big Clits Big Lips #9." Want to see Penny Porsche's clit? Look in this Penny Porsche Big Clit picture gallery.

Alina Popa:

Alina Popa is a very young, pretty, and muscular female bodybuilder with a huge clit bulge very apparent in her videos and photographs. She is shy about it, and often covers it. Be patient - she will eventually show it.

Eartha Quake:

Quite fat; does good dildo-and-finger scene near end of "More To Love." Larger than average, bright pink glans.

Autumn Raby:

Canadian bodybuilder with a HUGE and bulbous clitoris that is shown in excellent detail on her website, She does lots of posing and masturbating for the camera!

Randi Ravage:

She's in "Cum Stoppers 2", "Vivid Raw 7", "Double-D Housewives". Category "large."

Raquel / Chloe:

Raquel is a muscular mature woman with a HUGE, bulbous clit in three videos not to be missed:

She is age 45 or so, and has the raspy voice and vascular appearance of a female budybuilder, but isn't bulky. Her scenes feature some of the best full-screen clit work that is an any video from any time. Watch or download good scenes of Raquel at Big Clits Big Lips.

Francesca Ray:

Among the really huge clitted actresses the Italian, pornostar Francesca Ray is an impressive one! Video: "Hot sex with Francesca Ray", (c) 1994 Magic Film Company... the title: relazioni particolari "In Due Dietro" Clitoris description: at least 4 cm length and 1 cm diameter.

Rhonda Lee Quaresma:

Female Bodybuilder with a huge clitoris. She is on the internet and in muscle ckick movies. There is good video footage of Rhonda Lee at Bodybuilders In Heat and Aziani Iron.

Rhonda Raye / Misti Rain:

Very sexy, hardbodied brunette with a very large clitoris. Has quite a presence on the internet and has done some video work. Have a look at "Runaway Butts 7" to see some excellent clit work!

Samantha Reel:

Reportedly a really hot Black woman in Reel Life Video's "Hot Texas Plumpers" amateur video.

Raven Richards:

Larger than average. Nice nipples, too.


Ricochan is a sexy Japanese woman with a thick, bulbously headed clitoris aching to be sucked and stroked. She does a lot of video and still picture work on her site, Rikochan's camera work is quite good, featuring not only high resolution closeups but also nice themes and action. Lots of clit pumping and electrostim is featured. She runs a great website. Expect to come like a horse watching her videos!

Nikki Rio:

Nikki Rio is a young, slim, hard fucking Brazillian actress with a large clitoris. Most of her video work is from the years 2005 to 2010. Video quality is good and the action is hot, especially in her later work.

Annie Rivieccio:

Annie Rivieccio is a Cute brunette female bodybuilder with a tight hood on a huge clit. Numerous images of her are on the forums and usenet binaries groups, with a few showing her tasty and suckable clit.

Mayara Rodrigues:

Brazillian porn starlet with a large clitoris.

Valentina Ross:

Valentina Ross is in pictures at and has a large clitoris. She has a following of fans notably liking her "all natural / no steroid" clitoris.

Candida Royalle:

Moderately large clitoris.

Chance Ryder:

Chance Ryder was the first FTM (female to male) transexual to perform in porn movies. Chance Ryder had a huge, testosterone enhanced clitoris, and a lot of facial hair! Faint breast reduction scars. The scenes in "Exxxtra Parts" and "Bi and Beyond #6" are especially clear, steamy, and well produced.

Holly Ryder (Lisa Marie Abato):

Holly Ryder is among the first generation of big clit porn starlets, and made quite a lot of videos circa 1990. "My 500lb Vibrator" has a brief close-up of Holly Ryder exposing her engorged glans clitoris and shaft for a guy (wearing Native American head dress) licking it! "WelcomeTo Dallas" good scene with Ryder being licked and penetrated...In another movie (title unknown), there are numerous CLOSE-ups (almost microscopic!!) of a guy licking her while another woman sits by and watches. Excellent lez scene in a pro-am video with Trinity Loren (Gourmet Amateur Lezbians #107). Also good scenes in othe movies with Savannah/(Crazy On You). In email, Holly described the "exquisite sensations" she experiences having her clit sucked. She says "Junkyard Dogs" has some good closeups. She later got out of the business and became an anti porn crusader.

Angela Salvagno:

Angela Salvagno is a tall, very muscular female bodybuilder with a huge clitoris. Very sexy masturbation scene in "Kinky Clits." Her best videos are the high resolution skits on Aziani Iron and Dirty Muscle.

Here are some Angela Salvagno videos with good cleseups of her clitoris:

Here are some Angela Salvagno image galleries with good cleseups of her clitoris:

Saskia Salemink:

Saskia Salemink is a cute, blonde, very muscular female bodybuilder with a huge clitoris. She does a fantastic lesbian scene with Amber Deluca called (unsurprisingly) "Amber and Saskia." Of note is her great clitoral erection. Many FBBs have big clits but do not have good erections in their videos. Saskia was wildly aroused and hard for her licking by Amber. There is a nice copy of this video at Dirty Muscle.

Rita Sargo:

Rita Sargo is a real beauty. She has perfect skin, a pretty smile, and a very nice female bodybuilder's physique. Her clit is quite large, and Rita strokes it nicely in her pictures and videos at

Samantha (aka Lisa Cock):

She has an enormous clitoris. A Brazillian woman first seen in the "Mike In Brazil" videos. Brown skin, tight dancer's body, and a really big pink clit. She appears in these videos:

Candy Samples:

Candy Samples is a very sexy older lady of the big-tit genre. Plump pink clit too, but rarely seen close-up and clear.

Fernanda Santos:

Brazilian from "Brazil on Butt Row 3." Looks about 25, a little stocky, with shoulder-length wavy light brown hair. Large, cleft clit with heavy, thick, fleshy hood. Has good scene in "Brazil on Butt Row," in which she pees her pants, sits on toilet and shows clit for a few seconds, pulls back hood while standing up. At one point in the movie, she even talks about her clit in Portuguese, saying, "clitoris grande," which means "big clit." Also in "Asses Galore 5 or 6," but no clit shots.

Peggy Schoolcraft:

Peggy Schoolcraft is a mature female bodybuilder with a huge clit. Lots of pictures in usenet groups.

Elisa Sedlacko:

Elisa Sedlacko is a lean and sexy female bodybuilder with a large clit. Lots of pictures and some videos at Dirty Muscle.


Shakra is a milf from India, who does her porn wearing a bindi on her head and a sexy large, thickly gooded clit between her legs. She has a fairly large glans, when aroused, and the outline shows through her clit hood. She's on websites carrying porn from India, and has been picked up by many tube sites.


Heavy set black woman, with THICK clit plus lots of hood; lez scenein "Girlz Town #2" (wears red lacy undies in scene with Lady A / Lady Antoinette). Thicker than average.


In Sugar Walls #10 the third scene is a coupling with Suave. Her clit is deep pink, with a large head. Moderate hood.


Not a video star. There are photos of her on Or e-mail to Photo pack of about 100 pictures can be downloaded for $10. She is a skinny Hispanic with dark hair; not that attractive but you wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers. Has a big clit that is sort of like Tavia's. It just sort of hangs there. It is very round and like a glow-in-the-dark pink.

Jana Linke-Sippl:

Jna Linke-Sippl is a professional female bodybuilder who has achieved extreme muscular development. She does some erotic performing in the way of flexing / posing photography and some wrestling videos. Thus far, she has not done outright porn. She has a very large clit bulge in her bikini and wrestling footage! Watch and freeze-frame to see it.

Sandra Sommers:

In "Big Boob Bangeroo 8" she shows of a big clit with a clit ring, according to review at

Lana Lee Smith:

Lana Lee is a female bodybuilder with a huge clitoris. There are some webcam videos, and lots of still pictures. No HD quality content yet. Perhaps the best images are at Dirty Muscle.

Shenya / Shaynia:

Soft bodied twenty-something brazillian with a huge clitoris. Two movies are notable and have many clips copied on the internet:

Melody Spetko:

Melody Spetko is a very hard-bodied female bodybuilder with a huge clitoris. She does a very good lesbian scene with Yvette Bova and more good scenes in "Kinky Clits 3." She is in a couple of videos with Jennifer Kennedy at

Maureen Spring:

In "The Legend of Lady Blue" - a historical treasure from the early 70s or so. Spring appeared in no other movies. Clit is large.

Ashley Star

Ashley Star is a muscular Black female bodybuilder with a sexy phat clit sporting a plump pink glans and tight hood. has a nice image gallery featuring some close up and clear imagery of her clit.

Kitana Steele / Tawny Gold (Janet Korn):

Body builder, aged about 35 - 40. Thick, long, bright pink cleft clit in "More Dirty Debutantes # 70" and "Dirty Dirty Debutantes #9." clit sometimes looks pointed at the tip. Pretty olive - toned woman resembles Gayle Michelle with prettier face. Clit like Vanessa Del Rio. Shoulder length dark hair, hard body. She's always a gung-ho performer, and she really seems to love the sex, even if it is with Blake Palmer... Speaking of Palmer, he's the lucky bastard who gets to bang Kitana in one of her hottest flicks, "Body Builders in Heat," which also features a nice clitty scene from Cori Gates. Kitana's clit is huge in this movie, which features lots of extreme closeups. Great shots of the clit in solo-fingering, screwing, licking. Palmer even spills his seed on the clit while Kitana's on her back and rubs it in. Then, in a classic move that's well filmed, he flicks the clit! Bravo! One fucking beautiful scene. "Dirty, Kinky, Mature Women 17" has explosive footage, but it seems to be the same footage that's in "Body Builders in Heat"; videos by same company, Channel 69 Video. Kitana is also in "Body Builders in Heat 2" which features Athena. There is good video footage of Kitana Steele at Bodybuilders In Heat.

Kim Stahl:

Female bodybuilder with a sexy pink, often turgidly erect, clitoris. She appears in plenty of Muscle Elegance and Denise Masino photo sets. She also appears in some of the Muscle Elegance videos, but not yet in full HD glory.

Raquel Sultra / Elizabeth Green:

Female bodybuilding MILF with a large, sexy, pink clit and somewhat long labia to go with it. Looks similar to Cort Knee, with her "fitness model" build, "dirty blonde" hair tint, and delicious "come fuck me" lips. See her videos at Aziani Iron. Some video sites carry her content under the name "Elizabeth Green".

Suckable / Miss Suckable:

Black BBW with a dark pink, HUGE, and delicious clitoris! Excellent scene in "Big Clits Big Lips 13." She is active in black and BBW videos circa 2005 and 2006. No joke: she shows some of the best clitoral erections ever recorded! Watch or download good scenes of Suckable at Big Clits Big Lips.

Sue Ann:

Oriental woman, big breasts, clit above average size.

Super Clit

There are two women known as "Super Clit." The first one is sometimes known as "Lisa Hughes" and has been making videos since the late 1990s. She is a cute woman of Asian ethnicity with a thick, pink, bulbous clitoris. She is among the top "big clit" performers found on the internet and an early adopter of high definition video formats.

The second "Super Clit" is in videos uploaded to Xhamster. She is a Black BBW with a nice thick, erect clit tipped by a deep pink glans. Video quality is poor because a cheap cellphone was used to record the scenes.

Helga Sven:

Hard to find good photography. Few closeups, then they're obscured by hair. She has a slightly bulbous glans, but nothing spectacular.


Big, wet, erect clit shown in tight closeups in "Big Clits Big Lips #2." There is good video footage of Syn at Bodybuilders In Heat.


Short, breasty Black woman with thick, pink, cleft glans clitoris.

Tavia / Tavaia:

From one of the She's a brunette who is pretty chunky but not fat. Good scene in "Dirty Kinky Mature Women 18". Has lots of sexual energy. Does anal. Starts off masturbating. Cameraman tries admirably to get a good clit shot but pretty much fails. Gotta appreciate the effort, though. Throughout the scene, as the cameraman keeps trying, there are a couple of good shots. This video is well worth tracking down. Big clit that looks deformed or detatched or hanging off. Tough to describe. It's a good size, very visible.

Kianna Thai:

Very cute small-breasted Asian girl. Has a clit that is above average in size and that loves to show itself very prominently. Has a medium-length (maybe even short) hood, but it's fairly meaty. The clit is a hot pink. In "More Dirty Debutantes 81," she's the second chick, wearing knee-high black stockings and a black and white striped dress with frilly white panties, which don't stay on very long. There are some great shots of the clit in this movie, with the camera lingering on the clit for extended periods of time from many different angles while Kianna is in many different positions. The camerawoman working for Ed Powers in this one was new, so Ed had to take it slowly and hold certain poses (including the clit poses) for her to catch them and focus. There are several clear, straight-on shots of the clit before masturbation, with both Kianna and Ed peeling back the hood to show it off. The little button looked fairly aroused all the time. There are some nice shots of the clit between Kianna's fingers (with short nails, white polish) during a slow masturbation scene. Great stuff. During licking, there are some excellent shots. Ed licks very lightly, not smothering the clit with his tongue, so it's in view all the time.

Joanna Thomas:

Joanna Thomas is a female bodybuilder with a huge clit. She is blond, with a powerlifter's physique and a good looking clit with a tight hood. She does a lot of solo masturbation scenes at Aziani Iron.

Here are some Joanna Thomas videos with good cleseups of her clitoris:

Here are some Joanna Thomas image galleries with good cleseups of her clitoris:

Renee Toney:

Renee Toney is a female bodybuilder with a huge clit. Seems a bit shy about showing it, but the really big clit bulge can be seen in her bikini pictures. Patience - they all show it sooner or later.

Lotta Topp (Karen Lotta):

Real name: Karen Lotta, born in 1942. Early stage name: Busty Harlow. Huge! Lotta Topp is the first porn model to use clitoris size as asset to her career. Tall, very breasty age 40+ redhead in mid-1980s, then blonde after 1987. As long as the photo quality is good, there's much to see. Excellent closeups in "Stone Clan Teil" (German), "The Anal Intruder" (with clitoral penetration) and "Big Top Cabaret" and "Big Top Cabaret 2." Best scenes seem to be from her "red hair and purple nail polish" era. Family Affair and Family Affair II (an English title distributed by TLC in Flordia under their TLC #267 and #? for the second one). The German title is Stone Clan Teil 1 (the better of the two , as far as shots of Topp and her clit. Topp seems much younger in these and masturbates for 10 mimutes with UNBELIEVABLE closeups. She also has intercourse with GREAT closeups. All German dialog, but Topp is really a treat in all of these. She might be in "Anal Crack Attack." In a Bizarre Video film, "Bizarre Personals", she spoke of her exotic dancing routine in which she did impersontions of Mae West, Dolly Parton, etc. She mentioned the Junction Club in NY state, and said she hoped to distribute videos of her routine under the title "Devils Bride". She is from some western state. The Excalibur bio says she retired in 1989 to concentrate on exotic dancing.

Lotta Topp filmography:

Gina Valentino:

Attractive light-skinned Hispanic chick with shoulder-length dark hair. Starred in the 1980s and then vanished."Wild Weekend" has a couple of glimpses. "Heartthrobs" has really nice hood pullback while Gina stands over a guy's face. Best clotoral erection is in "Between The Cheeks."

Patricia Ventura:

Mature, cute, and sexy Brazillian porn actress with a big, pink, tightly hooded clitoris. She is very vocal in her scenes, giving lots of good moans and grunts for the cum sequences.

Agatha Ventury:

Muscular, mature Brazillian lass with a huge clit. She is an enthusiastic performer, fucking like there is no tomorrow and doing plenty of clit stroking in her scenes.

Ripped Vixen:

Ripped Vixen is a female bodybuilder with a phat, knobby headed clit begging to be stroked and sucked. Her best videos are the high resolution skits on Aziani Iron and Dirty Muscle.

Here are some Ripped Vixen videos with good cleseups of her clitoris:

Here are some Ripped Vixen image galleries with good cleseups of her clitoris:

Dawn Whitham:

Dawn Whitham is a female bodybuilder with excellent physique and nice breast enhancement. Her web site contains a "pussy and clit" section with some good images. Clit is large and a pale pinkish color with a prominent glans.

Christi Wolf / Asya:

Christi Wolf is a female bodybuilder / wrestler with a two inch clit. A Denise Masino video shows her clit engorged, but there are no closeups - the flick is more about posing than showing pink....She's known as "Asya" at WCW events.

Yoko Wong:

Clit protrudes from under hood, but not large.

Kim Yi:

Oriental, mentioned once by Cazzi as a little known amateur slut with a big clit.

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