THE Big Clit List in Detail: Vanessa Del Rio

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Vanessa Del Rio

Vanessa Del Rio is the queen of sexy clit!s! Sexy dynamite in late 1980s videos, when her clit was freshly enlarged (body building in 1986). Web site: Sells all sorts of stuff to her fans, whom she calls pigs or piglets, but she isn't doing custom Polariods right now because it takes too much time, she says (as of August 1998). Web site has magazines for sale (from the last couple of years) and videos. Most of the videos are from before the mid- to late 1980s, when Vanessa Del Rio reemerged from time away from porn. "Dr. Lust" has some nice close glimpses during a masturbation scene and a pairing with Jerry Butler. "Beyond Desire" has really good shots of Vanessa Del Rio's clit. Also see "Deep Inside Vanessa Del Rio" and "Devil In Miss Jones 3."

In her autobiography, she mentions THE Big Clit List! I don't know if her view of this list is favorable or not, but hopefully she has enjoyed some action from it!! The listkeeper has certainly enjoyed her work since the early 1980s!!

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