THE Big Clit List in Detail: Suzan Kaminga (SuperKlitty)

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Suzan Kaminga (SuperKlitty)

Suzan Kaminga is a female bodybuilder with a huge clitoris. She is the first professional female bodybuilder to do a full-on XXX rated video sex scene (1996), beating Channel69's "Body Builders In Heat" by a year. There's an amateur video called "Becky Meets SuperKlitty" featuring a scene with a woman with a clit larger than Vanessa Del Rio or Lotta Topp! It is huge, with much loose labia and a bulbous head. Grainy photography. Becky's literature on the video says, "Ever since I saw this huge knob bulging from her panties, when we were changing one day I wanted to touch (and Lick!) it! I sucked on her huge clitty until it was so swollen and hard!! It was sticking out past her soaking pussy lips at least three inches! It felt like I was sucking on a small cock, and it made me want to have her fuck me!"

From : An interesting footnote on superklitty; when the film came out there was a suspiscion that she might be a fairly well known bodybuilder by the name of Susan Kaminga. As it turns out there is a store on 39th st in NY which deals in female muscle videos. They have a series called "Tom Jacksons" private choice or some such thing; these seem to be topless videos and women in revealing situations, although I haven't actually seen one of them. A new one in this line is of Becky Sunshine; then next number is a woman called Susan who looks like Superklitty without the mask and without the mask who looks like Susan Kaminga. My inference is that this is Superklitty. Moreover, the box makes reference to her having gained 20 lbs of muscle since her last video with this guy, my inference from this is that she is indeed a steroid queen. Everyone believes it is Susan Kaminga! (apparently spelled with two "n"s, and there were images on Amazon's Arena BBS) Yes, at least one touring nameless bodybuilder who has seen the "SuperKlitty" tape says that big-clitted star of the picture is Sue Kaminga. Unfortunately, Kaminga seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, taking the jewel between her legs with her. Nice picture of her on the cover of the June 1997 Women's Physique World, which spells her name Susan Kaminga. Mag features a four-photo layout of Kaminga from the 1996 IFBB North American Championships with the headline, "Susan Kaminga Turns Pro!" Super shot of her in a red bikini (the only color photo of the four). Says the mag, on page 61, "Enter the electrically-charged Susan Kaminga. Using a blistering posing routine which has become her trademark and a even more riveting stage presence, she outpointed a doggedly determined Dayana Cadeau to win the heavyweight class. She then followed up with a agonizingly close victory over the ultra-aesthetic lines of Rita Dytuco to clinch her pro card. Will the IFBB ever be the same?" Another thing: Becky Sunshine once said that she would do another "SuperKlitty" tape. Check newsgroup for regular postings of her clit.

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