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Nicole Bass

Nicole Bass was a female bodybuilder and frequent guest of Howard Stern during the 1990s and 2000s. Nicole wass said to have a huge clit, but good photographic evidence is hard to find. She was shy about her clitoris.

From: "pip" Subject: Re: Nicole Bass HUGE manhood and the porno star with Howard Stern thrown in Date: 1999/04/15 Paraphrasing the most notable personality to discuss and show her enlarged clitoris (due to steroids) is "Vanessa Del Rio" a porno star. Vanessa (star in the 70s) after a long break from doing porno movies - came back in the mid 80s and the 80s "clit" had grown about an inch. Vanessa fully admitted that her new body and clit length was due to steroids (her husband owned a workout gym). Nicole Bass during the Howard Stern show (E channel) agreed to let Robin Quivers (Howard's co-host) view her private parts in a bathroom to prove womanhood. Afterwards - Robin looking somewhat puzzled described that there was something down there that looked a little long (most probably an enlarged clit) but concluded she did not have a penis.

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