THE Big Clit List in Detail: Morgan FairLane

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Morgan FairLane

Large clit, though not huge. She's very good at displaying it. Always lots of manual stimulation in her movies (she seems to really dig the sex), but that sometimes gets annoying because you want her to stop playing with the hood and clit and just show the damn thing off, even if it's just for a second. Nice cleft glans. Monet class. Does lots of anal. First movie, I think, is Seymore Butts' "American Tushy." Shame on Seymore, though, because Morgan only appears for a few minutes at the end of the tape and is used as a sampling of what's to come in the next Seymore flick. That's right; that Seymore bastard doesn't show the scene until the next movie. (Can't recall the name of it.) Anyway, Morgan takes on Ron Jeremy and Hakan, with sloppy anal and a double penetration. Two good scenes in "Dr. Peter Proctor's House of Anal Delights."In "Lustfull Roomates" (with variations on spellings of "Lustful" and "Roommates" on the box and in the film). In "My Favorite Whore" she wears a full-body fishnet outfit; very hot; anal. A review by says "Shane's World 10" is good. No; not true. Morgan shows no clittage in "SW 10," which is a 1997 movie from Odyssey Group Video. Morgan is also in "Shane's World 7" and "Weekendat Farrah's." She's in "Royal Fk," which also stars Melissa Monet. "Pussy Poppers 2" is a solo video with lots of girls, by Las Vegas Video Entertainment. Morgan's scene is OK but nothing special.

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