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Mary Lou

Amateur with a huge clit There was a good article on amateur tapes in the New York Times. March 22, 1991, Sec A; Page 14; Col 2 "Starring in Tonight's Erotic Video: The Couple Down the Street". Even includes her picture. Says that Mary Lou was a then 37-year-old criminal lawyer in northern Kentucky. She had two small children, and her husband was an obstetrician-gynecologist. She made her first tape with two carpenters who were at her home to repair her porch. She recalled her videos after people found out who she was and what she was doing.

From the Boston Herald : In one famous case, a Nashville, Tenn., corporate lawyer who moonlighted in erotica under the name Mary Lou was featured in a national magazine, where her photograph was recognized by some colleagues. The lawyer had the foresight to copyright her work and buy the distribution rights, and she immediately recalled the tapes. However, some bootleg versions continue to circulate.

Videos were under A'Mature label, from Nashville, and she did some bondage flicks. Mary Lou's videos are: "Missy, Mary Lou and 9" (what?), "Orgy 1 at Topside 2" or "Orgy 1 at Topside II," "Snatching Sasha," "Bi Ourselves in Las Vegas," "Roommate Rubdown" and "Say Cum." The carpenter video is "Mary Lou the Stud Finder."

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