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Lotta Topp

Karen Lotta, was born in 1942 and performed in videos under the alias "Lotta Topp. Her early stage name was Busty Harlow. Her clit is huge! Lotta Topp is the first porn model to use clitoris size as asset to her career. Tall, very breasty age 40+ redhead in mid-1980s, then blonde after 1987. As long as the photo quality is good, there's much to see. Find the excellent clitoris closeups in "Stone Clan Teil" (German), "The Anal Intruder" (with clitoral penetration) and "Big Top Cabaret" and "Big Top Cabaret 2." Best scenes seem to be from her "red hair and purple nail polish" era. Family Affair and Family Affair II (an English title distributed by TLC in Flordia under their TLC #267 and #? for the second one). The German title is Stone Clan Teil 1 (the better of the two , as far as shots of Topp and her clit. Topp seems much younger in these and masturbates for 10 mimutes with UNBELIEVABLE closeups. She also has intercourse with GREAT closeups. All German dialog, but Topp is really a treat in all of these. She might be in "Anal Crack Attack." In a Bizarre Video film, "Bizarre Personals", she spoke of her exotic dancing routine in which she did impersontions of Mae West, Dolly Parton, etc. She mentioned the Junction Club in NY state, and said she hoped to distribute videos of her routine under the title "Devils Bride". She is from some western state. The Excalibur bio says she retired in 1989 to concentrate on exotic dancing.

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