THE Big Clit List in Detail: Janet Korn (Kitana Steele / Tawny Gold)

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Janet Korn (Kitana Steele / Tawny Gold)

Janet Korn performed under the aliases Kitana Steele and Tawny Gold. She is a body builder, aged about 35 - 40 in her videos during the late 1990s. There is excellent camera wotk showing her thick, long, bright pink cleft clit in "More Dirty Debutantes # 70" and "Dirty Dirty Debutantes #9." clit sometimes looks pointed at the tip. Pretty olive - toned woman resembles Gayle Michelle with prettier face. Clit like Vanessa Del Rio. Shoulder length dark hair, hard body. She's always a gung-ho performer, and she really seems to love the sex, even if it is with Blake Palmer... Speaking of Palmer, he's the lucky bastard who gets to bang Kitana in one of her hottest flicks, "Body Builders in Heat," which also features a nice clitty scene from Cori Gates. Kitana's clit is huge in this movie, which features lots of extreme closeups. Great shots of the clit in solo-fingering, screwing, licking. Palmer even spills his seed on the clit while Kitana's on her back and rubs it in. Then, in a classic move that's well filmed, he flicks the clit! Bravo! One fucking beautiful scene. "Dirty, Kinky, Mature Women 17" has explosive footage, but it seems to be the same footage that's in "Body Builders in Heat"; videos by same company, Channel 69 Video. Kitana is also in "Body Builders in Heat 2" which features Athena. There is good video footage of Kitana Steele at Bodybuilders In Heat.

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