THE Big Clit List in Detail: Holly Ryder (Lisa Marie Abato)

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Holly Ryder (Lisa Marie Abato)

Holly Ryder is among the first generation of big clit porn starlets, making quite a lot of videos circa 1990. "My 500lb Vibrator" has a brief close-up of Holly Ryder exposing her engorged glans clitoris and shaft for a guy (wearing Native American head dress) licking it! "WelcomeTo Dallas" good scene with Ryder being licked and penetrated...In another movie (title unknown), there are numerous CLOSE-ups (almost microscopic!!) of a guy licking her while another woman sits by and watches. Excellent lez scene in a pro-am video with Trinity Loren (Gourmet Amateur Lezbians #107). Also good scenes in other movies with Savannah/(Crazy On You). In email, Holly described the "exquisite sensations" she experiences having her clit sucked. She says "Junkyard Dogs" has some good closeups.

Holly Ryder later got out of the porn industry and became an anti porn crusader, citing a high level of abuse and unsafe working conditions for the female performers.

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