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Cindy Jones

Cindy Jones is muscular, with a large clit said to get solo attention in "Just Your Average Housewife", (MU-114,Muscle-Up Productions). At one point in the video,she says, "have you ever seen anything like's one in a million." She could be right. Has done another tape with a lez scene included. Tapes available from Famous Sports Video on 39th st in NYC. Video is by Cine Research Lab, available thru Cindy, the "older gal" is Cindy Jones, a Georgia-based bodybuilder now wrestler/star of wrestling and sex videos. She was in a couple of publications back in 1992 or 1993 after finishing well in a regional contest. She was 37 then, and I figure the videos from which the postings were taken were done late 1994-early 1995, so she's about 39 or 40 in them (mind-boggling, eh?). She has two kids and was married, although with some of the videos she has done in the past couple of years, I wonder if she still is. She's 5-7 or 5-8 and weighed from 175-180 for these videos. In an article I read on her, she said her legs were always her most attractive suit, even well before bodybuilding. She used to wear hot pants to show them off back in the 1970s and because she loves drawing attention to her body. Obviously. Famous Sports Video, 32W. 39th St., New York NY 10018, 212-398-6690, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day; business card boasts female catfights, wrestling and boxing, international videos and magazines and unique erotic adult entertainment. Swankyville has tons of Cindy videos. Look for "Sex on the Bench" from Cine Research Lab. Also, and NBAF Video Club (info in SuperKlitty section). For Cine Research Labs rentals, "Female Muscle Lust" and "Muscle Masseuse."

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