THE Big Clit List in Detail: Christine Marshall

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Christine Marshall

Christine Marshall has a large clit and moderately large labia. She is a mature and very muscular female bodybuilder who was most actively making videos in the early 2000s. Most of her work involves wrestling and female domination. She appears in several videos on Debra D'andrea's website and Clips4Sale pages. The clitoris views are very short and incidental within the oral sex scenes she did with Debra. She appeared to be a bit shy about it, moving her hands and legs to block the view most of the time. Debra D'andrea does some hot clit licking on Christine, but makes sure to keep her hair and face close in and obscuring the view - except for a few good glimpses of Christine's pink and engorged glans clitoris. Christine also did paid sessions for muscle worship and light wrestling, but the customers who wrote about it on the internet don't say much about her clit.

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