THE Big Clit List in Detail: Bridgette Aime

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Bridgette Aime

Brown-skinned French speaker; speaks English with lovely accent. Lots of anal and DP. In early porn days had very small breasts, but enlargement later in career jobs. Decent clit size, prominent pink head, good scene in "Naked Buns 9 1/2," with a few frames of cunnilingus and good hood-pulling. Numerous scenes in numerous movies; she does a lot of manual stimulation. "Dyke Bar" (with Delta Force) has a rare semi-good shot of Brigitte Aime's jewel, but you need a good freeze frame to get full appreciation of it. Some manual stimulation during licking. There's a good "Wayne's World" parody (called "Zane's World") featuring cunnilingus closeups.

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