THE Big Clit List in Detail: Brandy Bosworth

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Brandy Bosworth (Delta Force / Teri Paradise)

Big breasted lady masturbating in a flick containing Nina Hartley, Bridgette Aime, and Sean Michaels from 1991. Long curly bleached hair, lots of freckles, and some "age spots". She appears to be in her 40s and resembles a Lotta Topp a bit. Clit size is "large", with loose hood. Very good scenes in "Bazooka County III." One-time bodybuilder. In a movie called something like "Beauty v. the Body Builder," which looks like a big-tit wrestling type. It's from Napoli Video and might be NPV 125. "Malibu Spice," "Dyke Bar" (with Brigitte Aime). "DB" has a few seconds of nice licking. Delta's clit isn't swollen, but you get a couple of good looks at it. Also a rare semi-good shot of Brigitte Aime's jewel, but you need a good freeze frame to get full appreciation of it. Napoli Video made "Dripping Wet," which is NPDWV. Look for "Bazooka County 3 "and "Three's A Crowd" with Brigitte Aime. She did a stint as a big tits-hard body star of the early 1990s. Pretty thick clit with just a bit of pale glans peeking out. Like a little Lotta Topp; has freckles on her hands and a meaty pussy. Somewhere there is a great scene of her stroking her clit and pulling the hood waaaay back for a full-length licking by Sean Michaels. She's incorrectly listed as Susan Chase in "Toys Not Boys 3" at (also has Nikki King and Angel Cruz). "L.S. Cult Classics Volume 2" (with Kassi Nova) is okay.

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